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Two locations: The Man Cave-28354 Crisfield Marion Rd  & Treasures found at 28168 Crisfield Marion Rd, Marion, MD 

About Us

From Old to New

We are Perry & Lou Ann, Perry has The Man Cave and Lou Ann has the vintage antique store and more. We opened in 2004 with the vintage, antique and more store then added the 2nd location to offer Fire arms, Ammo, & Accessories & more.  Lou Ann's store slogan is: "From old to new and a whole lot more, we have what you are looking for!" The Man Cave's slogan is: "We aim to please!"

Striving For 100% Customer Satisfaction

We believe in the golden rule to do unto others as you would have them do unto you! We love our customers! Our hope is that whatever your purchase that you will be very happy with it. We truly want your experience to be a pleasant one. We try our best to please each customer, but we do realize that there are those you will never please no matter how hard you try.


We have many happy customers who are repeat buyers. We truly appreciate our customers! We look forward to meeting you, making new friends and treating you as you deserve to be treated as a valued customer. We look forward to doing business with you!

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